Is 2020 the year you launch your own show?

With the world settling into a new COVID19 driven rhythm, it is becoming clear that many jobs in established economies are at risk. For many the only credible job available is one that they create.  

At SouqBox we believe a lot of our future customers havent started their own show yet and so we are really passionate about helping these customers to make that bold step.

In our blog and social posts, you will read about this frequently and this article is to make you aware of the opportunities in the UK for grants & support for launching your own business. The entrepreneurs handbook published this really interesting summary of all of the grants they have found and we thought that was worth sharing with you.

If you are eligible, the UK Govt has a fantastic scheme called the New Enterprise Allowance that we think can give enough firepower and support to the recently redundant budding entrepreneur

We hope it’s useful.



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