Hotel industry post Pandemic: How will it check out?

2020 dramatically changed the hotel industry B2B shopping behavior as the focus to cut cost are crucial. The hotel industry must focus on how to offer products and services while keeping costs low.

The sharp decline in corporate, group, and leisure travel demand due to the global pandemic, has led to hotel occupancy rates falling in properties around the world. The pandemic has caused a ripple effect, as discussed in this compelling article found here. There will be a four-year spillover from this economic blow and hotels must adjust their business model to supply especially on supply chain costs. . .

The time to invest in a B2B eCommerce strategy wasn’t a year ago when the stay-at-home orders first started. Arguably, it was a few years ago, but 2020 has catapulted the industry into a new norm. Few economists expect a significant return to in-person buying once the pandemic ends.

It’s time to bust the myth that your customers don’t care if you have a nice website or aren’t interested in a modern eCommerce experience. The tastes and preferences of your B2B customers align closely with the buying behaviors of B2C consumers, so why treat them differently?Look at Amazon’s explosive growth in 2020. The figures can’t deny the business model works for B2C, why not for B2B?

Time is money, hotels can’t afford for their staff to surf the web. They need it all in one place so they can focus on the important stuff: building profitable customer relationships.

There is an opportunity for marketplaces to step up and act as the trading hubs for all consumable materials used in the hotel sector.

You could create your own branded B2B marketplace like negotiable trading and logistics management out of the box for just £200 pcm. It’s time to rethink your current online strategy. With SouqBox, you can have a fully branded , feature rich online marketplace for the hotel industry with none of the tech headaches. Talk to our skilled team today  for a no hassle consultation on how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you.



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