Agriculture equipment dealers invest in digital solutions, to avoid falling behind competitors

It’s impossible to farm without the right equipment, and that equipment doesn’t come cheap. But there are alternatives to buying new, off the lot, at full retail price. There are bargains to be had.

Starting a new business or expanding an existing one is expensive so it is important to consider purchasing second-hand machinery. Most second-hand machinery becomes available due to upgrades and expansion. As seen in this article an established dealership, Big Equipment, thrives on sales of decades-old used equipment. His margins made at Big Equipment are on taking in good, clean used equipment, upgrading it, fixing it up and upcycling. Buying second-hand high-quality machinery is much cheaper and saves you money but selling can MAKE you money.

Utilising the internet has enabled greater visibility, as buyers and sellers are much closer and more easily connected. Today, most customer journeys in the purchase of products in these segments begin online through search engines, social media recommendations, online reviews or digital advertisements. When it comes to driving revenue and accelerating the sale process, few options are as powerful as e-commerce. By allowing customers to instantly make a purchase directly from your website, you can make the sale when you have their attention and they are ready to buy.

The following interview on Brownfield website was with Luke Powel founder and CEO of Gearflow, one of the most successful examples of a B2B marketplace done correctly.He tells Brownfield the ag equipment industry was built on relationships and communication, so the solution should encompass that. The last thing a buyer should be doing is make 17 to 20 different calls and go to different websites to get a job done. Powers says it is better for agriculture equipment manufacturers and dealers to invest in digital commerce solutions now, before falling behind other sectors and competitors. He gives the wonder of an example of Walmart underestimating the at the time small book seller Amazon. We all know what happened next.

Traditional avenues for adding e-commerce capabilities, however, come with high capital costs and complexities, such as payment processing, shipping, and inventory management, that are potential barriers to entry for businesses large and small. SouqBox knocks down those barriers by providing everything you need to get started with no upfront costs, no monthly fees, and no contracts. Get in touch with our team on or 02035102807 and start your journey today.



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