How COVID Has Forever Changed Environmental Health

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way every organization does business. Whether you’re in the food manufacturing sector, the automobile landscape, or the health industry, you’ve definitely seen some major changes in the last couple of years. The environmental health space is just one of the many facing a new future following the pandemic. This […]

How to Run a Successful Power Tools eCommerce Store in 2021

The Internet has become a momentous link in our society. People from all over the globe utilize the Internet at unprecedented rates, and these numbers are continuing to rise as the 21st century progresses. Savvy sales leaders are learning how COVID-19 is changing and how B2B buyers and sellers interact. These sales leaders are learning […]

The Digital Supply Chain Revolutionises Food Manufacturing

The Digital Supply Chain Revolutionises Food Manufacturing Digital transformation is a term that virtually every industry needs to consider today. In a world dominated by smart technology, IoT, AI, and machine learning, if you’re not embracing the digital world, you’re falling behind the competition. In the food manufacturing industry, digitisation isn’t just about productivity and […]

FMCG making impressive recovery through digital channels.

Thanks to digital channels, FMCG firms have started to make a strong recovery post pandemic. The past 18 months have been difficult for those operating in this industry, demand has been volatile, the market has been uncertain and supply shortages have been in abundance. Despite these factors, the FMCG industry has almost recovered to pre-covid […]

The Circular Economy: An Incredible Opportunity for Your Business

A circular economy is a valuable tool for business leaders. Why? 88% of people want to buy from brands with a positive impact on the planet. A further 47% of digital consumers have abandoned products and services from brands unable to match their personal values. Among the most significant values prioritized by customers is “protecting the planet”. The […]

Tackling your old Tech

The UK tech sector, in 2019, outpaced both that of the US and China in terms of growth. It’s growing at a rate 2.6 times that of the overall economy. With this mind, the businesses within the sector have a role to play when it comes to limiting the carbon footprint. A report by the […]

B2B Marketplaces are the Ultimate Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

B2B marketplaces are the trillion-dollar idea just about to hit the horizon. For years, B2B businesses have been following in the footsteps of B2C sales. After all, in a world where customer experience and convenience are king, why shouldn’t shopping for business solutions be as simple as grabbing a new set of steak knives online? […]

The digital future of the Food and Beverage industry

Covid-19 has forced innovation in dozens of industry sectors, food & beverage is no exception. Since the pandemic, market leaders in the b2b food space have taken the leap to online selling and increased their annual revenue as a result. Unlike many other trends that have surfaced as a result of the global pandemic, online […]

Surge on the horizon for auto-parts sales

As the global population continues to become vaccinated against Covid-19, worldwide restrictions are starting to lift and the population is able to travel a little bit more freely. However, millions of people are deciding to stay within their own borders as a safety precaution. Public transportation is certainly a popular method, however many are put […]