The Circular Economy: An Incredible Opportunity for Your Business

A circular economy is a valuable tool for business leaders. Why? 88% of people want to buy from brands with a positive impact on the planet. A further 47% of digital consumers have abandoned products and services from brands unable to match their personal values. Among the most significant values prioritized by customers is “protecting the planet”. The […]

B2B Opportunities are Growing for the Wine Sector

Online sales in the food and beverage sector have been growing for some time now. Of course, the pandemic prompted one of the region’s biggest spikes, according to recent studies. The events of 2020 generated a massive increase in all kinds of eCommerce, but alcohol sales, in particular, seemed to skyrocket. Sales of alcohol online […]

Opportunities Emerge for the Printing and Packaging Industry

Opportunities Emerge for the Printing and Packaging Industry The global packaging and printing market has been growing at a consistent pace for decades now. In 2020, the value of the industry was worth around $352.1 billion, and that number is expected to skyrocket to $433.4 billion by 2025. The continued growth of the landscape might come […]

The Second-Hand Catering Industry is Cooking Up Some New Opportunities

The Second-Hand Catering Industry is Cooking Up Some New Opportunities The pandemic of 2020 had a resounding impact on virtually every business and industry. In the catering industry, for instance, equipment manufacturers and supply chain experts suddenly had to deal with a massive decrease in physical events and gatherings. Everything from weddings to industry conferences […]

The FMCG Market is Recovering: Can You Leverage a World of New Opportunities?

The FMCG Market is Recovering: Can You Leverage a World of New Opportunities? The FMCG (Fast-moving Consumer Goods) industry, is reporting an incredible recovery speed in a post-pandemic landscape. Even now, almost 4 years after the events of 2020 began, most industries are still dealing with the effects of COVID-19. However, for some organizations, the […]

Medical Companies Search for New Supply Solutions

In the last two years, many companies have begun to recognize inefficiencies in their supply chains. When the pandemic hit, brands discovered how quickly they can begin to lose customers when standard suppliers couldn’t deliver packages on time. Of course, some sectors have been hit worse than others. In the healthcare space, countless groups have […]

Tackling your old Tech

The UK tech sector, in 2023, outpaced both that of the US and China in terms of growth. It’s growing at a rate 2.6 times that of the overall economy. With this mind, the businesses within the sector have a role to play when it comes to limiting the carbon footprint. A report by the […]

5 B2B Commerce Trends Businesses Need to Know

In almost every industry, buying and selling trends are changing, responding to the changing demands of a post-pandemic world. It’s not just consumers making the transition to more flexible online sales and alternative modes of shopping. The B2B environment is evolving too. Estimates suggest that B2B market value is rapidly increasing, with eCommerce quickly taking […]

Opportunities are Booming for B2B Textiles

The digital transformation of the world hasn’t just changed the market for B2C companies, it’s opened new doors for B2B brands too. Increasingly, business buyers are looking to the online world for a more reliable way to access the resources they need. The era of the B2B eCommerce landscape is thriving, and textile companies are […]

SouqBox Review – Everything You Need to Know

Most B2B companies still choose to trade offline – currently, the offline B2B industry generates a massive $6.7TN annually. However, for smaller offline B2B businesses, moving to the online world is no small feat. The marketplace changes, customer needs shift, and technology evolves; in short, things online move fast. This where SouqBox may come in handy… SouqBox aims […]