F&B manufacturing is poised for an information lead transformation.

We love partnering with other fast moving and innovative companies at SouqBox. 

We have now launched M-Hub into the market afer 18 months of live use in our co-dev customer factories. In this time we have refined M-Hub , ironed out the bumps and structured it to be a scalable multi tenancy solution. It is now being rolled out with live customers in Food & Drink manufacturing. 

We are especially interested in partnering with advisors & influencers in these areas;

NPD consultants

If you specialise in new product development , the RM & Formulation control at the heart of M-Hub will ensure that your end products are consistently produced. 

You can baseline from dev codes and use dilutions and finished goods in other formualtions. This speeds up the development process without compromising on incoming ingredient control

Operations consultants

From process improvement to factory automation, if you are working with F&B brands in thier factories then we would love to talk to you.

M-Hub controls RM by batch and uses QR codes to reduce human error at all stages. Our advanced manufacturing capability will help you drive best practice processes into your clients world.

Professonal advisors

Lawyers, accountants, and marketing agencies who work with F&B brands and can see the power of an information singularity are a great fit for us. 

Imagine if your customers’ data was accurate, protected from malicious editing (incl fraud), and could reduce the time it takes you to access the data you need to support them?

If you fit in any of these, please contact us here; partner@souqbox.net. We would love to hear your thoughts and explore this idea with you. Thanks.

We love partnering with other fast moving and innovative companies at SouqBox. We are building a whole ecosystem at the back end of our M-Hub  platform so if you have an application that you think can map to M-Hub please get in touch.

If you are interested in reselling M-Hub, here is the deal –

  1. You will have access to our partner portal and you can add now prospects to your account. When you introduce us to F&B brands via the portal and if they sign up, your account will be paired with theirs.
  2. You will receive a revenue % from the customer for the first year and a lower % in year two. These vary depending on the customer deal but the target is 20% & 10% respectively. This is paid monthly in arrears
  3. You will have visibility of the end customer terms and what they are being billed for
  4. SouqBox will do all of the customer onboarding and can work with you on any integration required or data extraction/upload to get started.
  5. The partner program is meant to be light touch for you. All ongoing account management/tech support will be managed by SouqBox


If you fit in any of these, please contact us here; partner@souqbox.net or click the link below.  Thanks.

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