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This is in Beta development now and we hope to offer this before the end of 2023

Unlimited customers and adverts
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Partner management module
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Ratings and reviews.
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How it works

With Souqbox, you’re in control. The customisation options found within the builder allow you to change the appearance and….
Here’s just some of these features in action:

Key Features

Free Hosting

SouqBox is SaaS so you don't need to worry about hosting or managing anything - you can lean on us fully to develop and maintain the tech.


You can view, edit and manage pretty much everything on your SouqBox site (customers, sales, products, etc).

Mobile Optimised

Fully mobile responsive so there is no need for a native app to be built and the associated costs.

SEO Friendly

You control your SEO meta tags to drive traffic to your site.

Secure Data

Your data is isolated within the SouqBox infrastructure so it is not only safe but it is backed up and ring-fenced from other customer data we look after.

Social Tools

You can promote products directly from your market into the social media world driving traffic levels up on products you have for sale and improving your SEO score.

Front-End Design

SouqBox is fully white-label - that means you can make your site look exactly as you want it to with your prefered imagery and company colour schemes. Even the email notifications we send to your customers for you are fully branded. We aim to be invisible to your customers.

Marketing Tools

We are planning to introduce a lot of features to help you market your Marketplace including direct feeds into external CRM services like HubSpot & Mailchimp.

None - you can use our free service indefinitely and our pay for plans for 30 days free to test your idea. We like the MVP concept at SouqBox and want to help you test and learn fast.
Some time and perhaps some marketing spend to drive traffic to your site. The best way to test an idea in the digital world is to launch an MVP and soundboard your early adopters before you invest any serious time and money into your idea.
Sure. Amazon is one of the best examples of scaling an eCommerce site into a marketplace. Your buyers want a broad range of fresh product offers. The best way to get that without risking your capital on a broad inventory range is to allow 3rd parties to sell on your market.
Its easy - we have built the infrastructure to make that a straight forward task. In our market configuration screens, you can choose how you want your site to look within our templated structure - add your logo, a main background image, company colours in fact all you need to fully brand your site. We even carry this branding through to your invoices and email templates for you.
We are investing heavily in the SouqBox platform to bring the latest eCommerce capabilities to our platform. You automatically get the benefit of that as SouqBox is a SaaS platform so all of our customers use the same common code base.
We think the journey for a B2B company to go online is to bring the best of your offline expertise to bear online. At the heart of that is the ability to configure the product information fields you want to capture and what you do with them. It's all super flexible whenever you want to change anything to adapt to market developments.
It goes to your payment gateway account that you will need to set up before you launch. We currently support Stripe & Paygate with more PSPs to follow. Note SouqBox never holds your money in our PSP account, it is yours to control and disperse.
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