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From kitchen start up to multi national, M-Hub has a package for you.

Launch Pad

£50 pcm (excl VAT)

Our entry product.

Single-user license.

No setup charge.

All core M-Hub modules included – Inventory, manufacturing, sales order processing, etc.


You dont get access to the bolt on customer & supplier portal on launch pad

Mach 1

£250 pcm (excl VAT)

Throttling up!

5 End user licenses

£250 set-up fee

Supplier & Customer bolt-ons available (£50 each PCM)


FMS integration


£750 pcm (excl VAT)

For serious scaling!

10 End user licenses

£1000 set-up fee

Supplier & Customer bolt-ons available (£100 each PCM)


FMS integration

Courier API

HR module 


£1500 pcm (excl VAT)

For serious scaling!

20 End user licenses

£2500 set up fee

Supplier & Customer bolt-ons available (£100 each PCM)


FMS integration

Courier API

HR module 

GSH compliance

M-Hub ; How it works

With M-Hub you can customise almost anything you need to manage customers, suppliers & manufacturing operations. We will help you get set up and started and you can customise it as you need it throughout the system.

Here’s just some of these features in action:

Key Features


No install and no maintenance burden. SouqBox looks after the tech so you can focus on your operations

Customer Portal

Manage everything in one highly secure hub - staff, customers & suppliers can be managed fully including bespoke user groups you want select to have specific access.

Highly Flexible

You can adapt branding, number sequences, manufacturing workflow and so much more to accommodate your operational procedures.

Manages Supply Chain

Compliance, certifications, POs to suppliers. Suppliers can offer spot pricing through their portal. Avoid double entry - have your suppliers support you strategically.

Manufacturing planning

Make for stock, customer orders or both. From sales order through to amalgamated shipping to the customer. Factory floor screen design for your staff to follow instructions and drive compliance.

Predicted Use Reports

Our AI tech predicts raw material demand in the future for you to reduce unintended outages & improve buying patterns to max efficiency.


Manage customers, orders, returns, credit accounts and so much more. You can opt to give portal access to your customers so they can manage orders to you online and requests samples/project and more.

Advanced Reporting

You can build reports on anything you can think off and have these in your dashboard.

None (apart from your precious time) - There are no contracts so you can switch off the service or change your plan on any month. You only pay for what you use.

Your data is secured and it's yours so if you leave you can take it with you. We believe we need to work really hard to keep innovating to give you an amazing experience. That's our risk not yours!

If you're working on spreadsheets, then the real answer is your risking potentially lost sales or stock control by not having a best in class ERP system. 

The best way to test an idea in the digital world is to launch an MVP and soundboard your early adopters before you invest any serious time and money into your idea. We make that as painless as we can for you.

In a word no. All the features in the supplier and customer portal are mirrored in the staff screens you would use. 

If you can persaude your customers & suppliers of te benefits of interacting with you digitally, it will bring significant savings in your people time and avoice data entry errors. Plus no one likes data entry so why do it twice?

It's easy - we have built M-Hub so that once a raw material is approved for use by you, the supplier cannot edit that. They can offer you spot pricing and inform you of price changes but you are in control. You can have multiple suppliers per RM and Mhub tracks these to ensure FIFO is applied.

We are investing heavily in the SouqBox platform to bring the latest innovations to you. You automatically get the benefit of that as SouqBox is a SaaS platform so all of our customers use the same common code base. We will be adding a whole ecosystem of 3rd party vendors in FMS, compliance , credit control and much more.

We built the first iteration with a food manufacturer so M-Hub is initially very focused on food industry compliance. You can use it for many other sectors and ignore the food specific elements and over the next year we will be adding industry specific vertical builds in M-Hub.

Yes it does. SouqBox was originally built to offer B2B ecommerce solutions (check out T-Hub).  With M-Hub, we recognised that most customers of ours will trade on credit accounts with their own customers so M-Hub has a sophisticated real time credit account running to manage different types of customers.

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